Pain From Sitting At Work? Find Hemorrhoid Relief Here

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If your desk, writing, or computer job gives you hemorrhoids, find relief fast. Hemorrhoids just don't affect overweight people, pregnant women and the elderly. The painful condition can also develop in people who sit for a living. Until you seek care from a health care clinic, find temporary relief from your itchy, burning pain with the information, tips, and steps below.

Why Do You Have Hemorrhoids?

Hemorrhoids, or the piles, typically develop when you place excessive stress or strain on the veins inside or outside your rectum. A number of people experience piles when they push too hard during bowel movements or when they sit too long on the toilet. Other individuals may experience the problem when they sit too long in a chair, on the floor, or on another hard surface. The actions restrict blood circulation to the delicate tissues of the rectum and anus, which causes an inflammation to develop in them.

The compressed veins bulge and press against the nerves located close to them, which leads to pain and irritation. The enlarged veins can push out of the anus, or the tissues can stay inside the rectum. Exposed hemorrhoids can develop an uncomfortable itchy, burning sensation that interferes with your life. Hemorrhoids located inside and outside the body can potentially bleed if they become too inflamed or irritated.

Although most people experience hemorrhoid relief in a few days, the hemorrhoids of some individuals can become worse. 

How Do You Ease Your Symptoms?

To find relief, take frequent breaks during work. Unless you work at home and make your own schedule, take a small break every hour to stretch your legs, hips, and thighs. Stretching may remove tension from your buttocks and the tissues supporting them. 

If necessary, place a soft cushion in your chair for relief. The cushion should take stress from your buttocks. Some people use cushions shaped like donuts to support their bottoms. The openings in the center of the cushions prevent pressure on the rectum and anus. If you can find a donut-shaped cushion, improvise with a large neck pillow.

Drink plenty of fluids to keep your bowel movements healthy and lubricated. Hard bowel movements can irritate your hemorrhoids. If possible, add more fiber foods to your diet. Fiber adds bulk to your stool, which makes it easier to eliminate when you use the facilities.

Finally, schedule an appointment with a hemorrhoid relief specialist. If your hemorrhoids become too problematic, a doctor may shrink or remove them.

To find out more about your painful hemorrhoids, contact a specialist today.