What A Blood Test Will Help You Understand About Your Health

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Going to the doctor each year for a routine checkup is a great way to stay healthy, but it is also a great way to detect health problems and risks you didn't even know you had. During a routine checkup, your doctor might suggest running bloodwork. Bloodwork involves testing your blood for a variety of different things, and it can help your doctor find issues that could affect your health.

What Is The Most Common Type Of Blood Test?

The most common type of blood test is called a full blood count (FBC). This test is typically the first type of blood test used, and it can reveal a lot of different issues. A FBC tests several key components of your blood, which include:

After your doctor draws your blood, the blood is sent in to a lab for testing. The results are then issued to your doctor, and he or she will examine them. If all of these levels are within normal standards, you are probably healthy and have no issues to be concerned with.

If any of these levels are off, it can indicate a problem. In some cases, doctors will simply complete a second blood test a week or two after your first one when levels are off. This is done simply to make sure it wasn't a fluke of some kind.

What Else Is Tested In A Blood Test?

In addition to testing the main three components of your blood, a FBC may also test several other things relating to your health. This can include:

If any of the levels of your test come back abnormal, your doctor may suggest having further testing completed. A blood test will not always reveal what the issue is, but it often helps doctors know where to look to find the issue.

If you have not had a blood test done recently, talk to your doctor about getting one. It could help you learn your health risks and take action to reduce these risks. For more information about blood tests, you can contact a local lab like SmartCare Health and Diagnostics