Ounces Of Prevention: Tips To Keep Your Kids Healthy During Flu Season

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Flu season comes around every year to the chagrin of teachers, parents, and kids alike. Family health clinics can help all members of your family heal when illness strikes. Although you may not be able to control whether your kids get sick, there are positive actions you and your children can take to help prevent illness during flu season. Follow these tips to help your children reduce their odds of getting and spreading the flu this year:

Tip #1: Help Kids Establish Optimal Hand-Washing Habits

Wash your hands frequently and encourage your children to do the same. Your little ones will be watching you even when you aren't aware of their observing eyes. Therefore, you should always model the behavior you want to see your kids emulate. According to the Mayo Clinic, frequently washing your hands can help you avoid getting sick or spreading illnesses to others.

Take it a step further and be proactive in teaching your children optimal hand-washing habits, too. Teach them to always wash their hands before eating or touching their face for any reason. Also, make sure your kids know it's best to rub their hands with lathered soap for at least 20 seconds every time they wash their hands.

Tip #2: Establish a Hands-Off Policy About Touching the Face

Make sure that kids know that they should not touch their face throughout the day. The flu and other illnesses can be spread when kids touch an infected surface and then touch their face. They shouldn't touch their eyes, nose, or mouth unless they have just thoroughly washed their hands.

This is a hard habit for even adults to practice, so be patient when teaching your children to avoid touching their hands, nose, and mouth. However, be persistent and consistent. Call your kids out when you catch them doing so and encourage them to wash their hands prior to touching their face if they just have to do so.

Tip #3: Keep Your Kids Away from Sick People

If one of your children gets ill, keep the other kids away from them as much as possible. If you know that a sick child is being allowed in play groups, you may want to keep your kids away from the situation until he ill person gets well. One of the most effective ways to keep your children healthy throughout flu season is to limit their exposure to sick people.

Finally, keep in mind that you don't have total control over whether you or your kids get the flu. Sometimes it is spread in ways that you cannot predict or limit. However, by teaching your kids to practice optimal personal care and wellness habits, you can help limit their exposure to the flu and may be able to prevent your kids from getting it this year. 

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