Having Trouble Playing Recreational Sports? Visit Your Local Physical Therapist

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It's easy to adopt more of a sedentary lifestyle as you age, which means that it's critically important to look for opportunities to keep active. While walking, jogging, and working out at the gym can all be valuable, there are also plenty of reasons to consider playing in a recreational sports league. Whether you're returning to a sport that you haven't played in 10-plus years or you're trying something new, you may be a little unsatisfied with your performance or face other issues. Fortunately, your local physical therapist can be a valuable resource for you. Here are some reasons to schedule an appointment.

Assessment of Injuries

It's entirely possible that you're dealing with an injury or ailment of which you aren't aware. For example, perhaps you have shin splints or another type of condition that results in pain when you're playing your sport of choice and makes it difficult for you to play up to your ability. It's easy for people to have physical health conditions and not know about them, and your physical therapist can not only assess such issues but also develop a treatment plan to help you deal with them.

Improved Range of Motion

If you've had a lot of years of being sedentary, your body may not be as limber as it used to be. You might feel significantly stiff and sore and have a limited range of motion — and each of these issues can cause trouble when you start to play in a recreational sports league. For example, if you're playing rec basketball, you may not be able to jump, lunge, or even reach high over your head to grab a rebound. Through a series of mobility-improving exercises, your physical therapist can boost your range of motion and have you feeling much more athletic.

Decreased Injury Risk

You don't want your attempt to get healthy to result in an injury. However, many people who join recreational sports leagues after years of inactivity can easily hurt themselves. In an effort to help you lower this risk, your physical therapist can not only show you how to strengthen your body but also give you a pre-activity stretching routine that you can go through extensively before you hit the field or the court. With your body stronger and successfully warmed up, you'll be at less of a risk of an injury as you strive to get active in your recreational sports league.

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