Best Calming Foods Before A Pediatric Appointment

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Most parents already know several tips and tricks for getting their little one to behave for the pediatrician -- like going right after nap time, so they're not so fussy. But have you thought about what you're feeding your child beforehand? Certain foods and drinks might make them hyper or anxious before their trip to the doctor's office. Read through this list to learn about some of the best calming foods you can give your child to make their pediatric appointment go as smoothly as possible.


Hummus is a rich, velvety spread made from ground garbanzo beans. It's packed with plenty of protein and fiber to prevent that irritating rumbling in your child's belly. Plus, hummus is even full of B vitamins, vitamin E, and other nutrients that are known for improving concentration. This way, your little one should have an easier time focusing on what they're being asked to do during their pediatric exam. For even more of a nutrition-packed meal, pair hummus with veggie sticks or whole-grain crackers or pita wedges.

Fatty Fish or Omega-3 Eggs

Fatty fish, like salmon, and omega-3 eggs -- which come from hens that are fed flaxseed -- are full of omega-3 fatty acids. These powerful fatty acids are known for soothing your child's nerves and possibly preventing disruptive behavior. Part of these benefits may stem from omega-3's effects on brain function and mood stabilization. If your child is old enough for supplements, you might want to ask your pediatrician if they can benefit from fish oil or omega-3 supplements.

Whole-Grain Toast or Crackers

Sometimes, all you have time for is a quick piece of toast or a handful of crackers first thing in the morning. There's nothing wrong with that. But white bread and crackers are full of simple carbs that digest quickly. This effect can cause your child's blood sugar to surge, making them anxious or hyperactive at their pediatric appointment. Instead, prepare them a quick piece of whole-wheat toast or let them snack on whole-grain crackers. These foods take longer to digest and won't cause that sudden surge in blood sugar. This benefit can help keep your child calm and level-headed during a stressful physical exam.

It's always best to avoid caffeinated drinks or foods that contain additives before your child's exam. These products can make your child a little more active and wiggly, which can make it difficult for your pediatricians to perform all of their necessary tests.