3 Reasons To Hire A Doula

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Giving birth to a baby and bringing a new life into the world is an exciting and amazing experience, but it can also be very physically and emotionally stressful for a woman. If you are pregnant, you'll have your partner, your OB-GYN, and labor and delivery nurses on hand, but it can be extremely useful to have extra support to help you through the process of delivering your baby. The need for extra support is why many women opt to hire a doula. A doula is a person who specializes is assisting a woman through her labor and delivery, and some doulas also offer additional services. Some of the top reasons to hire a doula include:

Develop a Birth Plan 

Most women have a vision of how they want to give birth. Some women want unmedicated births with minimal medical intervention, while others may want an epidural to help make the birthing process less painful. When you hire a doula, they will work with you to help develop a birth plan that reflects your desires. During your labor and delivery, your doula will advocate for you and help ensure that your wishes are known so you can have the birth experience that you want. 

Reduce Anxiety

Giving birth can be a scary process, especially for first-time moms. A partner can be a great source of support, but partners are often just as anxious as the mother during labor and delivery. A doula has specialized training to help support a laboring mother while also providing comfort. You can count on a reputable doula to do everything possible to help calm your mind so you can focus on the miracle that is about to unfold. Many doulas offer massages to help reduce anxiety and provide comfort during labor, and your doula will be there to encourage you through each contraction that you experience.

Follow-Up Care

Most doulas offer more than just support during the labor and delivery process. Some doulas also offer follow-up services to help you transition into life with a new baby. Your doula may offer breastfeeding support and help ensure that your baby is latching properly and getting enough breast milk. The days and weeks after giving birth can be challenging for a new mother between the lack of sleep and fluctuation in hormones, so your doula may also offer you emotional support for the first few weeks. 

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