Tips For An Awesome First Vitamin IV Infusion

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An IV vitamin infusion can do wonders for your health. In the short-term, it can boost your energy levels and help you avoid sicknesses like the common cold. In the long-term, it may help you avoid issues like weight gain, cancer, and diabetes. But your first vitamin infusion can be a bit intimidating. These tips will help ensure you have a good experience.

1. Start with a pre-mixed IV solution.

At many IV therapy bars, you have the option of adding various different vitamins and minerals to your infusion. But the first time around, you probably want to stick with one of the pre-mixed options. The practitioners have put a lot of thought into the formulas for these solutions, and they're experts at knowing which vitamins and minerals work for various issues. Typically, they'll have various pre-mixed solutions for problems like low energy, frequent illness, and weight loss. Choose the solution that seems most aligned with your needs. Leave the customization for later when you're more experienced with infusion therapy.

2. Allow plenty of time.

Your first time getting IV therapy, make sure you allow more time than you think you need. For instance, if the therapy center says the service will take an hour, plan on spending two hours there. It's rare, but sometimes people feel a little weak or lightheaded after treatment. This is likely to happen if the idea of having something injected inside of you makes you feel anxious. By allowing extra time, you can take your time to breathe and relax before heading back to work or your other obligations.

3. If you have any ongoing health problems, let the practitioner know.

Most health conditions will not make it unsafe for you to have a vitamin infusion. However, the practitioner may want to adjust your dose or eliminate certain vitamins from your infusion solution if you have certain conditions. For example, they may want to include less potassium if you have a problem with fluid balance and inflammation. If you have any particular concerns about whether or not an IV is safe for you, reach out to your doctor and ask.

Infusion therapy is really helpful for many people who are feeling drained, exhausted, or under the weather. Your first time, make sure you give yourself ample time, choose a pre-mixed formula, and share your health history with the practitioner who is going to administer the IV.

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